El Sancocho

The sancocho is a traditional stew or soup of the Caribbean coast of Colombia. When I taught English here, 32 years ago, my students and I would make a trip to the countryside on a Saturday morning, bringing all the sancocho supplies with us, and spend the day slow cooking it, drinking, dancing, and having a great time. Then we would spread out the yuca,

ñame, plantain, meat, and other vegetables on plantain leaves, if we didn’t have bowls, and eat with our hands. A sancocho isn’t just a menu item. It’s an excuse for a social get-together with family and/or friends. The tastiest way to cook it is outdoors over firewood. That being said, we’ve already had a few sancochos at our farm. Here are some photos of the events.

Preparing the meat

Preparing the meat

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4 Responses to El Sancocho

  1. vkaleda@comcast.net says:

    Hi Maya,
    I found your blog through Mary’s blog at White Feather Farm, youmade a comment that must of mentioned the Colombian connection. I also taught English in Cartagena in 1979 and maybe 1980 at the Colombo Americano… I don’t remember exactly, but taught both in Bocagrande and El Centro. Is that where you taught? I lived there until 1981 then we moved to Barranquilla. In 1983 we moved to Colorado (my husband is also Colombian) … seems we might have been there at about the same time or maybe just missed one another? I love hearing about the little farm you are starting… we’ve also pondered moving back and starting a homestead.
    Thanks for sharing your stories… (I love sancocho!)


    • MaricelaG says:

      You should stop pondering and move back.. ha ha ha. I’m also a Colombo-teacher but in Cali. Maya’s blog is great, I’ve been following it and I saw your comment about the Colombo so I thought I’d say Hello!!

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    As it turns out, Val and I knew each other back in the day but lost touch (and I changed my name). We haven’t been in contact in more than 30 years. Happy to hear that you’re staying in Colombia for now and working at the Colombo. Love your blog, too.

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