Diana’s New Home

Diana's new home


Well, the bank decided to take my daughter’s offer for this mobile home on 1.25 acres in Snook, Texas as the other offer they had (which was less) didn’t work out. It’s a nice property, all fenced in, with trees in the front and back. Diana felt all along that this place would be hers, but it was doubtful for a while. The process is in place to inspect the home, the well, and the septic, and get a home warranty for a year in case anything breaks down. This will be her first home and, while I’m thrilled for her and her new school career at Texas A & M, I will miss her tremendously. She’s been my confidant and buddy for a long time. We’ve weathered many storms but I think the worst hurricanes are behind us. And so it is…this is the path the universe wants her to take while Roberto’s and mine leads us back to our farm in Colombia. We’ll split up our three dogs. She’ll take the two easier ones and we’ll take the willful, hardheaded one to Colombia.

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2 Responses to Diana’s New Home

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Great news! Congratulations to Dianaon the new home and to you and Roberto for the good decision to return to the farm.

  2. mayadeb02 says:

    Thank you, Margarita. Keep your fingers crossed that our house will sell and we can go to Cartagena soon.

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