An Escape Artist


We recently got some new neighbors. The owner of the farm on the other side of the highway, moved his workers and cattle to our side of the road where he also owns the land between us and the main road. He’s building a gas station where the farm was. So Rambo got very interested in the cattle and keeps sneaking under the fence. No matter how many times we repair and reinforce it, Rambo finds a weakness. He can flatten himself to the ground and slide under. I’ve seen him do it. Once he gets to playing with the cattle, he doesn’t obey our calls to return. Yesterday was the most worrisome because when the cattle began to ignore him, he slid under the last fence to the highway. He had a leash around his neck and when Roberto went to find him, a man was bringing him back saying that Rambo looked lost out on the road. There are a million trucks and cars going by on that road and Rambo doesn’t have the faintest idea how to cross. That’s what worries us and foreshadows a disaster. Today Rambo is tied up and complaining but it’s better than a broken leg or worse.

Last night someone stole five chickens from the neighbors. They have two dogs but evidently no one heard a thing. All is not glitter and gold here. Chicken stealing seems to be very common and cattle disappear too. The owner of the farm told us that once he had a bunch of sheep stolen. Well, we don’t have chickens or cattle or sheep, only Rambo, our escape artist:)

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2 Responses to An Escape Artist

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Sorry about Rambo and even sorrier about the gas station. I hope he learns quickly and painlessly.

    Un abrazo de todo corazón,

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    Yes, I’m very sorry about the gas station; sounds like a blight on the landscape.

    Glad that Rambo is safe; he is just too playful and adventurous!

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