Farm Sold…….Robbed

007Today I left the farm with sadness in my heart knowing that our beautiful oasis is no longer ours. We completed the sale about a week ago, selling to a man from Cartagena with a large family. His cousin had already bought some property at the beginning of the road. The area is starting to get built up and, within a year, won’t be tranquil anymore, so it was time to go.

Our front yard when it rains

Our front yard when it rains

Tuesday night when Roberto was alone on the farm, and it was pouring rain, three men with heads covered and brandishing knives broke in. They searched everywhere and took whatever money they found. The dogs growled and barked so the thieves put them in a room. I’m glad I wasn’t there for they could have used me in a number of ways, including kidnapping. I was staying in Cartagena that night. I am extremely grateful that neither Roberto or the dogs were harmed. They took Roberto’s cell phone and a few small things besides our money, but by what they said to Roberto, he knew at least one had come to the farm before and lived in town. Of course, he got the police involved but so far no leads.

Roberto is going back to the States, our three dogs too, and I’m staying on to avoid the winter months. I’ll be staying with Roberto’s family in Cartagena with better internet service, and I will continue my blog.

016The robbery left a bitter taste. I wish it wasn’t one of our last memories. I loved our year there and I loved the house we built. Eating and drinking our own fresh fruit, watching the dogs devour coconuts, cooking ahuyama (pumpkin squash) from our garden, observing the most beautiful sunsets, listening to and watching the many birds, bats, and lizards will remain in my mind. I’m sure they’ll be more adventures in our future.

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4 Responses to Farm Sold…….Robbed

  1. carole says:

    Maya, I was shocked to read about the terrible experience that Roberto had. I am so happy he is OK physically, but I am sure still shuck up. And
    you too. AS you said , you had mostly good memories, but the last memory is bad.
    I hope you enjoy the warm weather, and have a warm Christmas. Wishing you and your family a healthy and happy New Year.

  2. Ted says:

    Wow. What a bad situation. It is very scary when people violate your space like that. The silver lining is that there was no violence.

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