Safely Back in the USA

Brownie, Nikita, and Rambo arrived in Roberto’s arms yesterday after a successful relocation from Cartagena, Colombia to Caldwell, Texas. Roberto left Cartagena on Friday, 12/19, and so did the dogs. But theirs was a more circuitous journey that took them to Bogota before Houston. It was good that the three of them could stay together. That probably helped to ease their anxiety. Here are  photos of the reunion.












They said, “WE LOVE YOU, DADDY.”

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3 Responses to Safely Back in the USA

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    So glad your beautiful dogs arrived safely and were met by Roberto. They really love him! They are very big! Are they going to run around with Diána’s dogs like a pack? Would that be good? I only know about cats, unlike the rest of my family.

  2. Diana A Yarzagaray says:

    Rambo, Nikita, and Brownie are settling in nicely. They explore the property and make the ‘appropriate’ marks to signal their arrival to the neighborhood, haha. It is amazing how quickly dogs adjust to new surroundings. Dad has been visited by other dogs as well (3 total) who have been sniffing around the house. They must all want to see who the new neighbors are : )

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