Are New Year’s Resolutions Necessary?

042Here we are in 2015 ready to turn over a new leaf, swear to be a better person, and do all the things we promised to do in 2014 but never got to.

How about trying this instead? Don’t make any resolutions or set any intentions. Simply accept each day as it comes, doing our best for that day only, or not. The important thing is to be present in each and every moment–forget the past and your particular “story.” Forget the future, since that’s not where life happens. Wake up each morning excited to see what your life will bring you. There are lots of gifts in the present.

Much love to all my readers. Enjoy 2015!!

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4 Responses to Are New Year’s Resolutions Necessary?

  1. Margarita Sorock says:

    Thanks for the good advice! We wish you health, wealth, love and happiness.

  2. Donna Lazarus says:

    Best wishes for your new life in Texas and a good year 2015! Hope all goes well and you enjoy good health and happiness, and pride in your children’s accomplishments in 2015.

    Much love,


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