A Bundle of Gratitude

It’s been so long since I’ve written anything on my blog but I’ll try to do better. Want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving Past

Thanksgiving Past

Here’s a photo of a past family get together in Brooklyn at my parent’s house. Not sure of the date. Could be 2007? Missing from the photo are my daughter, Diana, my sister, Donna, and her daughter Aurora (and kids). My son is there, my husband, and ex-husband with his wife, my brother, Doug, and his wife, Natt. Happy times when my parents were alive. My mother loved when everyone got together.

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3 Responses to A Bundle of Gratitude

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    Thanks Maya, for the lovely photo of a past Thanksgiving. Did I leave early to go to another Thanksgiving bash? Or maybe I came to Albuquerque although I’ve been doing that more lately I think. Anyway, hope you had a great time at the Unitarian Thanksgiving feast. We did well over here. Aurora and Chyna made delicious sweet potato pies.

    • mayadeb02 says:

      Oh, yummy! Sweet potato pie is my absolute favorite pie, followed by apple:)

      • Donna Lazarus says:

        Glad you had a good time with the Unitarians. Joseph complained that he would rather have had pumpkin pie so Aurora is going to see about making one. She didn’t know that you just use the pumpkin puree from the can. Chyna is going to learn how to make cannoli from the woman who helps Aurora at the car dealership (she’s very nice and loves Chyna). Chyna made sugar cookies on Sunday.

        We think Aurora will just be in the hospital for a day or two to take care of the kidney stone, but she may have to have another stent put in her! That is very scary to her.

        I talked to Teddy tonight and he said his brother-in-law Winston had a black-out crisis on Thanksgiving and they had to call the EMS, but it probably wasn’t his heart.

        Aurora and family have an adorable new two-month old kitten named Chanel. She’s very smart, learned her name already, and loves to play. She’s all grey, very small, loves attention and Darillyn is very good with her (hasn’t strangled her yet!). She gave Aurora kisses as soon as she picked her up, and follows her around the house.

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