A Surprise Offer



Farm ponies

How many places do you know where they call you on the phone and say, “Hey, do you want to come and pick our blueberries like you did last year?”

It’s a little family farm, 20 minutes from our house.I guess you call it a hobby farm  where they have chickens, turkeys, ponies, and BLUEBERRIES!

Sweet pony

Sweet pony


It’s been a cloudy day. Actually perfect for berry picking. The blueberries are just getting started and will continue ripening until the end of June. Each bush had clumps of berries from green, to pink, to deep bluish-purple. My daughter, Diana, and our old Black Lab, Lucky, accompanied me and we (not Lucky, he just whined) picked about 4 pounds. Cost us a little more than $3 a pound.

Reaching high

Reaching high


Me with my blueberry stash.

Me with my blueberry stash.

Well, you know, one for the basket and two for my mouth:) I’ll take some to my sister-in-law tomorrow when Roberto and I go to Crystal Beach, Bolivar Peninsula for the first time to visit her. Texas is sooooo big and we know so little of it. Lots to look forward to.










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1 Response to A Surprise Offer

  1. Donna Lazarus says:

    Hi Maya,

    Blueberries are so delicious! I went to the NY Botanical Garden in the Bronx last Friday and learned that there are many, many different kinds of blueberries! And they are related to cranberries (of course), also rhododendrons and azalea.

    Have a good time with your sister-in-law! and exploring Texas!



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