Judging Someone Else’s Life

June 9, 2018

Yes, it is beyond sad that two celebrities have chosen to end their lives. Yes, there will be more to come, mostly unknown as opposed to famous. That’s why we need to end the stigma around mental illness. I cannot judge someone else’s decision. I can’t say how deep their pain and hopelessness was. We might think that because someone is rich and famous that they are happy and without suffering. NOT TRUE. They just hide it.

My brother hid his pain and no one in the family knew that he was depressed or that he was planning to take his life. Even though we are told (and tell others) to look for signs of a person’s suicidal ideation or thoughts, you might not find them. And when a person has made the decision, he or she may even appear happy.

Trust your gut. Ask direct questions–Are you thinking of taking your life? What’s your plan? How would you do it? Then get them immediate help. Don’t wait. Don’t think someone else will do it. You need to step in and offer hope.

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