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Puppies Anyone?

A week ago, these two female puppies, less than eight weeks old, parked themselves outside our gate. Abandoned, hungry, and cute as can be, we took them in. Took them to the vet a few days later. They were dehydrated … Continue reading

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Frisky Doggy

Rambo is feeling much better after 5 days of injections and antibiotic pills. He’ll stay on the antibiotics for a few weeks. Goes back to the vet on Monday. Living up to his full name–Rambunctious!!

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Rambo, Are You Homesick?

One week ago, we brought our suitcases and other stuff out to the farm.  I’m planning to stay permanently. At least, Roberto and I have beds so that’s comforting. Still cooking outdoors (we prefer it) and washing dishes in two … Continue reading

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